Please Read This IMPORTANT Registration Information




When you register, please make sure that you select the correct "Reason for Course."

  1. {DMV - DMV Required} - Drivers are DMV required when they have received a DMV letter by US mail or they have a clinic requirement in their DMV compliance summary. The DMV letters clearly state that the requirement is being ordered by the DMV. The DMV letters are usually mailed to drivers who are found guilty of a traffic violation and are either under 20 years old, or are 20 years old or older and have accumulated too many points within a specified time frame, or to drivers who have had their driving privileges suspended or revoked.

    Click the image to the right to see an example of a DMV Letter →→→→ Example of a DMV Letter (Reason Code - DMV Required)

  2. {NCT - Court Ordered} - In Virginia, the courts do not notify people to take a clinic by US mail. Usually drivers are notified directly at the end of the court hearing. The notification is either a printed court document with information unique to the defendant or just a form letter. Only a judge can "court order" someone to take the course. Normally, the only letters the courts send by US mail are for a continuance or postponement.

    Click the image to the right to see an example of a Court Order →→→→ Example of a Court Order (Reason Code - Court Ordered)

  3. {VOL - Voluntary} - Drivers are taking the course voluntarily if they are taking it before going to court ("court prep") or if the driver wants "positive safe driving points" awarded on their DMV driving record - AND they have NOT been ordered by the court or required by the DMV.

  4. {INS - Insurance Reduction} - Drivers can take a clinic to receive an insurance premium discount; drivers must verify eligibility with their insurance company. Please be aware that positive safe driving points will NOT be awarded if taking for INS reason. For safe points, you must choose VOL as your reason and then present your certificate to your insurance provider for an insurance discount (where applicable).

You may also refer the DMV's website for Reasons for Attending a Driver Improvement Course at or feel free to please call us at null with any questions about your REASON for taking the course..